Find a Reliable Jewellery Shop

Forget the hassle when trying to find a reliable jewellery shop. Physical retail locations and long shopping days can tire you out and make you wonder if you’re really getting the best deal. With Chain Me Up, Australia’s premier online jewellery shop, your headaches will fade away as you let us handle all of your jewellery needs.


Chain Me Up has been around since 2010, but don’t let its youth fool you. Ross Fraser has created an Australian-owned business that provides the highest quality jewellery that’s inexpensive and affordable. Every piece of jewellery is made from solid precious metals – no fillers or plating are used! However, we realize that the quality of the metals you’re buying isn’t your only concern. That’s why we’ve done everything possible to make your jewellery buying experience hassle-free.


Every jewellery piece (with the exception of Custom Handmade Chains and resized rings) can be returned within seven days for a full moneyback guarantee, and the initial shipping of your item is absolutely free! We want you to be fully satisfied, and unlike many other jewellery stores, we personally search out and build a relationship with our native Australian manufacturers.


Security is important to you, so we’ve made payments using our site as safe and secure as possible. We’ve included payment options using Paypal for added security, but clients can also purchase using Mastercard or Visa, which is also processed through Paypal ( Note: this method does not allow us to see your card information). We operate our site with a fully-licensed SSL certificate; this gives you the peace of mind you deserve when ordering the jewellery you love.

Each and every jewellery piece is made to order. Many of our pieces, especially precious metal chains, are handmade rather than MM (machine-made). Once you hold your jewellery piece in your hands, you’ll see the quality and care that goes into the making of it. To check out our full selection of jewellery pieces,

Visit our online store and browse to your heart’s content. CHAIN ME UP :  Gold Chains


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