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SS-GM-CFD6013-750.jpgIt should come as no surprise that we only sell silver bracelets made in Australia. That is to say, we only sell Australian-made silver bracelets. It’s a sense of national pride and a passion for local industry that drives us to seek out manufacturers from the surrounding area, ordering as little as possible from overseas. When all is said and done, we’re very satisfied with our support for local businesses, and we know they appreciate us right back.

Our silver bracelets made in Australia come in several different styles. Here are just a few that we offer:

  • Belcher Chains – Belcher chains use an alternating link style that is quite noticeable, giving it a unique look that helps it stand out from other chain styles. This style of chain is commonly used for charm bracelets because of the open link style. It can, however, be used to great advantage as a necklace chain as well.
  • Figaro Chains – Interestingly enough, the word ‘figaro’ is Italian for barber. The term gained notoriety after performances of the plays The Barber Of Seville (a musical which in part inspired Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd) and The Marriage of Figaro. This type of chain is most commonly made in Italy and is very popular with the men there. Figaro chains are also great for charm bracelets.

3 SS-GM-CFD6013-335

  • Curb Chains – Curb chains aren’t bound to one particular style. Rather, there are many types of curb chains. The most notable is the Round Curb chain that uses links knitted close together to form a strong chain with no spaces. However, it does retain flexibility. D-cut Curb chains are specially cut to reflect more light, and Curb Roller chains combine typical Curb and Belcher chain styles into a single chain type.
  • Cable Chains – You’ve seen this style many times before; you just don’t know it! Cable chains are one of the most recognized chain types because of their plain appearance, but when made with precious metals, they shine and sparkle unlike any other. Thinner Cable chains are more suitable to women, whereas thicker chains make a great accessory for men.

Stop on buy our online store to check out these styles for yourself!

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