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You’re in the market to buy silver chains, but something tells you that you can’t just choose any run-of-the-mill jewellery shop. Go with your gut instinct on this one – you’re going to want quality sterling silver chains that last you through the years, and you can find them all at Fraser Ross, Australia’s #1 jewellery shop.

2 Sterling Silver Oval Belcher Bracelet BO2-750

The Allure Of Silver

Silver is inherently beautiful. It’s like the cool moon on a cloudless night, one that shines bright and lights the way. As captivating as silver is, however, pure silver simply can’t be used in jewellery making. Not unless you want it to melt between your fingers, that is. Gold and silver in their purest form are very soft and malleable, but sterling silver is the happy medium. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, thus the name 925 Sterling.

Types Of Silver Chains

Fraser Ross has several types of silver chains to choose from. Chain types include:

  • Figaro – This type of chain is commonly used in charm bracelets and finds its origins in Italy.
  • Belcher – Also used for charm bracelets, this chain has alternating open round links.
  • Curb – The curb chain is very strong and has many variations, such as the roller curb chain or D-cut.

2 SS-GM-CBO120-750

If you’re wondering which type is right for you, it all depends on what you’re going to use the chain for. Some are more suited to plain wear with no pendants or charms, whereas others look better with adornments. As far as charm bracelets go, only the belcher and figaro chains comes recommended because their open link style and strength.

For help selecting the perfect chain, you can use our sizing guide or online chat feature. It’s easy to get a hold of us, and we even provide a callback service for those who need to schedule a time to speak with a representative. Each jewellery purchase comes with our 7-day moneyback guarantee. If you don’t like what you’ve ordered, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. Don’t thank us – it’s kind of what we do!

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