Unique Design Jewellery Shop in Australia – Chain Me Up

You’re on the hunt for a local jewellery shop in Australia, particularly one that sells high quality precious metal items at affordable prices. You’ve wandered from town to town, searched the internet, and one name keeps popping up – Fraser Ross. That’s because we’re the best jewellery shop in Australia, and our prices are unbeatable.


How We Got Started

Ross Fraser, who first started his jewellery shop under the name Chain Me Up, has worked in the jewellery industry for over a decade. He began his career at a gold chain manufacturer. After getting numerous requests from family and friends for precious metal jewellery at the manufacturer’s price, Ross knew there had to be a way to get everyone he knew a great deal, so he started his own jewellery shop.


Ross’ dedication to selling precious metals at affordable prices led him to create Chain Me Up. As the years went on and the business grew, more and more items were added to the online collection. Fraser Ross now has over 4600 charms, 150 styles of gold chains, and much more. New items are being added daily from local manufacturers found right here in our native Australia.

Shop With Us

Choosing to shop with Fraser Ross is like picking a BMW out of a car lot of shiny Hondas. Sure, the rest of the cars look all glittery in the sunshine, but the BMW has a working engine that’s true to its status. We’re not just any jewellery shop – we’re the best.


We sell 9-carat precious metal chains and jewellery items that not only look good, but they’re also made out of quality materials. Absolutely no fillers or gold plating are used, unlike other jewellery retailers who cut corners just to save a few dollars. Our customer service team is the best in the business. We even offer a 7-day money back guarantee on any purchase.

For more information, check out our newly-minted website or call us at (07) 5590 7108. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

We have a huge range of cheap gold charms in our store.


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