Buy Silver Charms – Chain Me Up – Silver Charms

If you’ve ever wondered why you should buy silver charms, we can give you a few reasons. Here at Fraser Ross, we specialize in gold and silver charms that are designed to impress. Did you know that we have over 4600 designs, with new ones being added every day? That’s a lot to choose from! Don’t get too overwhelmed – we’ve categorized them to make shopping easier.

Irish Wedder Charm (chr-1511)-750.jpg

True Blue Silver : Genuine precious metals are so coveted that some retailers are trying to pass off inferior metals as fillers in precious metal jewellery. They think that they can get away with selling silver-plated jewellery at the price of premium 925 sterling silver, but that’s not our style. Fraser Ross has never, and will never, use fillers or plating in our silver charms (or any other items!). What you get is what you see – genuine 925 sterling silver of the highest quality.

Darling Designs : Are you a fan of astrological signs? Do you get excited every time you see a kangaroo? Are you starting to wonder what these questions have in common? Never fear! We’re only talking about the types of charms we sell. We’ve got everything from zodiac signs to animal charms and much, much more. We’ve even got Dirtgirl charms from the popular television series. Our collection is that extensive!

Complementary Chains : If this is the first time you’re buying silver charms, you probably need a chain to go with it. Don’t select just any chain, however; certain styles like the Figaro and belcher chains are best for charm bracelets because of their open link style. The open links make it easy to attach charms, but we can always do that for you when you order. It’s just another free service that we offer! You can also select the type of clasp you want to personalize your charm bracelet even further.

Superior Customer Service : Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. If you need help finding a particular charm or you’re simply wondering how long of a chain to get, our customer service center has representatives ready to answer any and all questions. Watch out, though… they’re so friendly, they might just start a charming conversation with you. They have the unusual habit of being personable, unlike other bland call centers that just use automated messages. Everything at Fraser Ross is genuine! Need help? Call 07 5590 7108 – 8am to 8pm 7days

We have a huge range of white gold bracelets  in our store.


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