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Gold bracelets are a great way to glamour up your wardrobe. They’re stylish, fun, and they go with just about anything, so why haven’t you bought one yet? They’re practically a fashion essential!

9ct Fancy Gate Chain - Darwin-480.jpg

You probably need a good reason to buy one. After all, they’re more expensive than other jewellery items, and you’re afraid you’ll get scammed into buying fake gold. That’s not going to happen with Fraser Ross. Here are five reasons you need to shop our selection of gold bracelets and chains.

  • #1 – Our gold bracelets are affordable – Say goodbye to overpriced gold bracelets that fail to live up to their hype. Fraser Ross has a huge selection of affordable gold bracelets that match your tastes and personality.
  • #2 – No cheap knockoffs – Do you ever get the feeling that some jewellery retailers are selling you inferior precious metals? Some of them are! Fraser Ross has only genuine precious metal jewellery that contains no fillers or plating. What you see is what you get.
  • #3 – Huge selection – We’ve got over 150 styles of gold chains that can be made to length for bracelets, but we also have pre-made lengths that are ready to go when you order them. You can find the right length for you by using our sizing guide or calling one of our friendly representatives to assist you.
  • #4 – Moneyback guarantee – Maybe you purchased the wrong length for your gold bracelet, or maybe you just had second thoughts. Fraser Ross lets you shop with peace of mind thanks to our seven day moneyback guarantee. We’ll exchange your jewellery item or refund you your money, no questions asked.
  • #5 – Friendly Customer Service – We Australians are a chatty bunch, not to mention one of the friendliest bunch of people you’ll ever meet. That’s why our customer service is so top notch. We make sure to treat you like family, and on top of that, we’re incredibly knowledgeable about the jewellery industry. We make it our mission to be the best!

9ct Bev DC Curb Chain (MM-BDC-0005)-750.jpg

Need more reasons to buy from us? Check out our website and see all the amazing gold bracelets we have for sale. Browse other jewellery items while you’re at it to see even more cool stuff. Need help? Call Us : 07 5590 7108

Check out all our 925 silver charms and silver chains at Chain Me Up.

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