Gold charms made in Australia – Jewellery Store – Chain Me Up

Gold charms made in Australia come in all shapes and sizes, but none are lovelier than the precious metal charms at Fraser Ross. Available in yellow, white and rose gold, as well as 925 sterling silver, our selection of over 4600 charms will leave you spoilt for choice.


Why So Many Charms?

We love giving you options! Just about every part of your order is customizable, from the type of gold and link style on charm bracelet chains, to the type of fastening for each charm. Fraser Ross wants to have something for everyone, which is why we’re constantly adding new gold and silver charms to our inventory.

Where Does Fraser Ross Find All Of These Charms?

We source 95% of our materials from right here in Australia. After searching out all of the best suppliers and manufacturers, we did have to outsource to places like Europe, but our products are as organic as we can possibly make them. Our communities are important to us; that’s why we try so hard to buy from local suppliers, even if it’s more expensive to do so.


What Kind Of Charms Are Available?

Given that we’ve got over 4600 unique designs of precious metal charms, the simple answer is: a lot. We have so many, in fact, that we’re not even sure we remember all of the designs. However, we’ve divided the gold and silver charms into categories listed A-Z so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Some of the categories we carry are:

  • Zodiac charms
  • Holiday & Celebration charms
  • Work charms
  • Animal charms
  • Character charms

Our belcher and Figaro chains make the perfect companion to a set of gold and silver charms. Their open link style lets you easily fasten your charms to them, but we give the option at checkout to have your charms fastened for you. We want to make the buying process as stress-free as possible! Don’t hesitate to hop on over to our website and browse our charms selection. You’ll be surprised what you can find there.

We have a huge great jewellery at great prices in our store.




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