Australian Jewellery retailers | Chain Me Up | Fraser Ross

There are a lot of Australian owned jewellery retailers throughout Australia, but not all of them source their products from within the coastlines of our sunburnt country, these retailers have been known to stock inferior golds imported from countries such as Mexico and China, Australian Owned doesn’t always translate to Australian-made. Fraser Ross pride themselves on sourcing 95 percent of their materials from within our beautiful homeland, outsourcing only the bare minimum from international suppliers.


Australian jewellery retailers claiming to have national pride are missing one key element – Australian-made materials. These are the types of retailers that are selling inferior gold from China or Mexico in their stores while sourcing next to nothing from their native country. Fraser Ross is different. We’ve sourced 95% of our materials, manufacturers and suppliers from right here in Australia, outsourcing only the things we absolutely need to from overseas.

The whole reason Chain Me Up (rebranded as Fraser Ross) got started was because Ross Fraser, the owner and namesake for this company, wanted to help people get jewellery at the manufacturer’s price. He worked long and hard in his industry for ten years until finally starting his own company. Now, with over 150 chain styles and 4600 charm designs, as well as a wealth of other jewellery items, Fraser Ross is the company you see today.


We’ve carefully curated our company, from the people we use as suppliers to the people we hire, we use only trusted sources that consistently provide us with genuine and high quality precious metal jewellery. Our staff has been handpicked because of their knowledge and wonderful customer service skills, we want to provide the best of the best. We love our country, we love buying Australian made and we surround ourselves with others who feel the same way.

National pride is infused into our daily work; all you have to do is call up one of our customer service representatives, and you’ll instantly be able to tell. Fraser Ross is the best Australian-owned jewellery shop with the best Australian-made precious metal jewellery products. If you want a genuine experience in your jewellery buying process, stop by one of our retail locations or our online jewellery shop at Fraser Ross.

We have a huge range of 925 sterling silver bracelet charms in our store.

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