Gold and Silver Charms in Australia – Chain Me Up – Fraser Ross

The largest (and best!) selection of gold charms and silver charms in Australia are awaiting discovery at Chain Me Up, but don’t let us spoil it for you, head on over to the website to unearth our wide and wonderful selection of gold and silver charms for yourself! But here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the charms we have inner vast collection

Baby Charms

One of the most delightful occasions in any person’s life is the arrival of a sweet bundle of joy and it’s also a time to celebrate!

Baby in High chair Charm (chr-1562)-335.jpg

We’ve come up with some adorable and meaningful charms designs to mark the arrival of a special little someone for the parents, relatives and friends and for your precious little one as well.

Birth Certificate Charm Although it’s not quite as official as the paper version, it’s a sweet reminder of the day your precious little one entered the world and was gifted with the name you lovingly chose for them.

Stork and Baby Charm If you’re expecting the stork to be dropping by this is a gorgeous trinket keepsake as a reminder of your pregnancy and given as a gift, it’s a cute and meaningful way to announce the pending arrival of a new member of the family.

Teddy Bear Charm Every baby’s room needs a big, fluffy teddy bear! And a charm bracelet shouldn’t be any different, this teddy bear will be an adorable addition to any charm bracelet.

Good Luck Charms

The original purpose of charms was to ward off evil spirits and bad luck, good luck charms date back to over 75,000 years ago! This is a testament to our unwavering belief and faith in good luck charms, after all isn’t that what charms are for?

good luck in horseshoe charm (cha-0213)-750.jpg

Wishbone Charm A traditional good luck trinket, but unlike the real thing you don’t need to go snapping this one between your pinkies for good luck!

Fingers Crossed Charm What do we all do when we’re hoping for all the good luck we can? we Cross our fingers and toes and hope with all our might, this is an extra pair of crossed fingers for you to keep your luck boosted for when you need it most.

Four Leafed Clover Charm – Oh the luck ‘O the Irish! You can spend hours hunting in clover patches for a perfect four leaf clover or head to Ireland to Kiss the Blarney stone, but the simplest way to gain the luck of the Irish is by wearing it!

Birthday Charms

A birthday is always a special occasion! Celebrate these special milestones with gold and silver charms!

number 21 Key Charm (chr-0828)-750.jpg

Sweet 16 Charm – The sweetest of all birthdays, a perfect gift for a sweet sixteen year old or as a reminder of your own wonderful teenage years, this charm is as sweet as the name implies.

21st Key Charm – A 21st birthday is such a monumental day, with this key you’ll unlock the world of adulthood and worldwide you can now celebrate it with a glass of champagne!

40th Charm – Whether you’re celebrating reaching the wonderful “Naughty Forties” or are celebrating an incredible 40 years with a partner, this charm is sure to make a statement on your charm bracelet with elegance and style.

You can find our entire collection of gold and silver charms on our website : Precious Metal Jewellery for  Sale

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