Charm Bracelets – Shop for Gold Charm Bracelets – Fraser Ross


It’s not surprising that so many young women are finding the magic of owning their own charm bracelet. Many have mothers and grandmothers that wear gold charm bracelets and have built them over many years with the charms that represent the great and important moments and achievements that are so important to them.

Before you follow their lead, take time to consider what is truly important when creating a solid gold or sterling silver charm bracelet of your own.


A charm bracelet should be a growing collection of charms that hold a real meaning to you. What many women find is that this is one piece of jewellery they will rarely take off and this means that quality is very important.

Cheap chains won’t stand the test of time, so only buy good quality solid gold or solid sterling silver chains for your charm bracelet. Even with good quality chains, wear can occur, so have a jeweller polish your bracelet every year. At the same time they can check for any potential problems such as a worn clasp or wear between the links where they rub and advise what steps may be needed to ensure the chain is safe to wear. A professional polish will remove any dirt or tarnish and make your bracelet look brand new again.


A great deal of money can be spent over the years your charm bracelet grows with you and it is critical that all of your charms are fitted securely. If you buy charms online or from a market stall they will normally be supplied with open jump rings. When you get home you may think it is ok to just pop open the jump ring, clip them on and forget them. Please don’t do that, if they catch on something, even the sleeve of a jumper that you are taking off, the jump ring may open and the charm could be lost. Take the time to have a jeweller securely solder the jump ring(s) closed before wearing your new charms.

If you would prefer to fit your own charms and can’t silver solder, then ‘link locks’ are just the thing for you. They suit finer charm bracelets and simply click shut around the charm and your bracelet. A locking tab ensures they will never open and are as secure as a jump ring soldered by a jeweller.

If you own a number of charm bracelets, you may wish to move charms from one to another. Normally this can’t easily be done, but if you have miniature parrot clasps fitted to your charms, it’s easy. You can even clip your charms to your mobile phone or necklace.

Another mistake people make is choosing poor quality or gold or silver plated charms. A charm bracelet should last your whole lifetime and many are handed down to children or grandchildren. Anything other than solid gold or solid sterling silver charms simply won’t go the distance and you’ll find the bracelet gets thrown to the back of a drawer and forgotten. Quality costs more initially, but cheap costs more over time. Always buy the best charms and bracelet that you can afford, it’s worth the effort when you can look at the first charm you ever bought many years ago, and it is still beautiful.

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