Solid Gold Necklaces – Gold Necklaces for Women – Fraser Ross

The charm of a solid gold necklace is that it will never go out of style or date, unlike velvet. Gold purchased today is likely extremely similar to the antique gold hanging around the necks of today’s grandmothers and grandfathers. Quality gold chains will last a lifetime or longer if taken care of as the simple designs are classic and do not date. As seasons come and go, often these chains make appearances in major fashion catalogues such as vogue because they completely timeless. Throughout the decades of the nineteen hundreds there have been several distinctive and easily dated fashions; corduroy suits and velvet skirts, anyone?

9ct Gold Hammered Cable Chain on bust (MM-CAB-0005)-750.jpg

The sixties and seventies produced styles that were completely unique and couldn’t be confused for any other decade of style. If you saw a photograph of a man wearing flared jeans, platforms and a chunky gold chain you would only assume that he had jumped straight from the 70’s but if you saw that same man sitting on the beach in his board shorts sporting the same gold chain you probably wouldn’t be able to pinpoint his era as easily. That’s just how timeless gold chains are.

Traditional yellow gold chains are the most popular but white gold has also become a popular metal of choice to replace sterling silver jewellery, for those who can afford to spend a little extra and enjoy the finer things in life. Rose gold necklaces and most other pieces of jewellery made from rose gold were exceptionally popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s but many people today are choosing rose gold for it’s warm, coppery glow that is deeply associated with antiques.


Important details to consider when purchasing a gold necklace, besides the colour and length are the style and width of the chain.

With male wearers in mind, thinner gold chains can lack masculinity when worn by themselves, so opting for a chain thicker than 5mm is a safer option when purchasing with a man in mind. The exception to this rule is a chain that’s specifically for a pendant, where it will need a thinner chain to fit a pendant and will look far more balanced. Curb and figaro chains make up the vast majority of chains and necklaces worn by men, but there are further variations in each of these designs. Diamond cut curb and figaro chains have the upper and lower faces flat whilst keeping the edges curved the same as plain figaro or curb chains.

A further shift to style  is to bevel the edges of a diamond cut chain into 8 faces that really catch the light and sparkle.

Women’s Gold chains come in a much wider variety of styles, many of which cater directly to women, especially fancy or vintage designs that look great with any outfit. Handmade gold chains are popular because of the variations in size and design, with our ability to custom make all of our gold chains to your exact design, you will have a unique, sparkling gold necklace that’s all your own.

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