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It’s no surprise that so many young women are finding the magic of having their very own charm bracelets, many of them have had mothers and grandmothers pass down their beautiful chains from their won youth and some have built their own bracelets that represent special moments and achievements in their life.

Before you go off and build your own bracelet, there are a few things to consider.


A charm bracelet should be  continuously growing collection of charms that hold special meaning to you or stand for victories and achievements. Many women find that a charm bracelet if a piece of jewellery that you will rarely take off and this means buying quality charms is important. Cheap chains won’t last and neither will cheap charms, so buying quality sterling silver or quality solid gold pieces for your bracelet is definitely a worthwhile investment. Even with good quality charms and chains, wear and tear can occur so it’s a good idea to have your jewellery regularly polished by a jeweller, who while cleaning your prized trinkets to their perfect shiny state again can inspect them for possible wear and damage. If you purchase chains from an online store or by themselves with a jump ring, please don’t try to attach them yourself as these jump rings need to be soldered closed to avoid losing your brand new charm. All it takes its for the jump ring to snag on a piece of clothing which will pull it open and off pops your beautiful new charm. Not ideal when you’re buying quality pieces.

9ct Bev DC Curb Chain (MM-BDC-0005)-750

Take the time to get these charms securely soldered to your bracelet by a jeweller  before wearing your new charms out. If you do prefer to fit your own chains or don’t have the time to go to a jeweller there is the option of purchasing your charms with link locks. They suit finer charm bracelets and can be secured easily at home simply by snapping them closed, they’re just as secure as a jump ring and you won’t have to worry about losing your beautiful charms!

If you own a number of charm bracelets or plan on rearranging your charms around then parrot clasps might be a good solution for you, normally moving charms around is tedious and costly but if you were to have parrot clasps attached to your chain then you can switch your charms around as little or as option as your heart desires. You can even remove them and clip them to things such as your mobile phone or to a necklace or anklet to add a little pizzazz.

Your charm bracelet should last throughout your lifetime if you purchase good quality pieces and keep it well maintained. If it’s care for well enough, you might even find it will be easily passed down through the generations and enjoyed for many years to come. Anything that isn’t solid gold or sterling silver, what we mean is anything that’s plated simply won’t last. Plated jewellery discolours quickly and once it loses its vibrant colour and shine, it will most likely end up in the back of a drawer of jewellery box need to be worn again. This is why it’s so important to buy good quality charms and chains, it costs more initially but as the years pass by and your yellow or white gold bracelet stays as beautiful as the day you bought it, you’ll know it was a worthwhile investment.

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