So who is Fraser Ross and why does he want to Chain Me Up?


Meet Fraser Ross, an online Australian jewellery store that makes custom gold and silver chains, charms and more!

Chain Me Up started in 2010 and offered only a small selection of chains, available in gold or silver, that could be used to make custom jewellery like bracelets, necklaces and anklets. Ross Fraser is the owner of Chain Me Up and founded the company after 10 years of working in the industry. Ross had been a computer technician for a chain manufacturer in Australia, but after a series of requests from friends to get them chains and necklaces at the manufacturer’s price, he knew there was an opportunity that had come his way.

The opportunity came when he found the inspiration to open his own online jewellery store. At first, the store only sold chains made of precious metals, but it didn’t take long for Ross to seek out other manufacturers in Australia that could supply him with more types of jewellery for customers. The selection of solid gold charms were expanded, and sterling silver charms were added for bracelets. Each charm at Chain Me Up is handmade, but there were only 700 charm choices available when the company first started out.

Soon a new producer was found, and the number of charms grew from 700 to over 4600! Open and closed jump rings were added to the options for bracelet customisation in order to configure charm bracelets to the customer’s liking. Of course, that meant that we received additional requests for even more choices, especially for a wider variety of clasp options. The parrot clasp was made available because of the ease of moving charms from one bracelet to another.

Next came link locks; these allow customers to attach charms themselves without having to pay a jeweller to do it. An addition that’s been a big hit has been the shepherd hook. These act as earring findings to allow shoppers to wear our charms as earrings. Any chain or charm can now be tailored further by choosing yellow, rose or white gold, and sterling silver has also been made available. Chain Me Up gives consumers options that traditional jewellery stores don’t, even the ones on high street.

Chain Me Up’s focus became perfectly clear: we wanted to be able to customize a wide variety of high quality jewellery items, offer them in precious metals, and supply buyers with affordable prices and reasonable delivery times. It quickly became obvious that there would still be a certain wait time for delivery, as filling a custom order takes time between receiving the order and creating the jewellery piece, but our customers know that it’s worth the wait.

Since the store’s opening in 2010, our product range has grown to include many more items. We’ve personalised our service by heeding customer requests for new jewellery items, most notably our pendants and bangles. What started as a customer wish has now turned into a selection of over 100 bangles and 550 unique pendants, available with precious and semi-precious stones if desired.

Our beginnings consisted of two main goals. One was to offer the widest variety possible to our customers to ensure our jewellery was able to meet their needs. Someone who requested a 95cm-long necklace should be able to receive it, and we’ve filled many requests since. Retail outlets only offer what’s on the shelf for a set price; Chain Me Up goes beyond that with custom-made jewellery at prices customers love. Granted, we’ve received a few strange requests, but only rarely are we unable to come through on one.

The second goal was to stay true to our local producers and stock products that only came from Australia. Manufacturers and suppliers have come and gone over the years, but we’re proud to say that 95% of our products come from manufacturers native to Australia, while only 5% come from overseas suppliers. Sourcing new manufacturers in the jewellery industry has been tough; most companies keep secret which manufacturers they use, but we’ve managed to grow our product range nonetheless. We try our best to stock new products on a consistent basis.

A newer product we now offer is our selection of rings. In order to fill orders accurately, we created an online application that lets the customer size their finger in order to find the right ring. A few bits of code later, and our e-commerce software received a total overhaul. Customers can now customise the material, length, size and clasp type of their jewellery, and our manufacturer can easily size the rings according to those specifications.

Our customer service representatives are available any day of the week from 8am to 8pm via online chat or telephone. We’re happy to help you with any questions you may have. The quality of our products and the happiness of our customers is incredibly important to us!


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