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The charm of a solid gold necklace is that it will never go out of style or date, unlike velvet. Gold purchased today is likely extremely similar to the antique gold hanging around the necks of today’s grandmothers and grandfathers. Quality gold chains will last a lifetime or longer if taken care of as the simple designs are classic and do not date. As seasons come and go, often these chains make appearances in major fashion catalogues such as vogue because they completely timeless. Throughout the decades of the nineteen hundreds there have been several distinctive and easily dated fashions; corduroy suits and velvet skirts, anyone?

9ct Gold Hammered Cable Chain on bust (MM-CAB-0005)-750.jpg

The sixties and seventies produced styles that were completely unique and couldn’t be confused for any other decade of style. If you saw a photograph of a man wearing flared jeans, platforms and a chunky gold chain you would only assume that he had jumped straight from the 70’s but if you saw that same man sitting on the beach in his board shorts sporting the same gold chain you probably wouldn’t be able to pinpoint his era as easily. That’s just how timeless gold chains are.

Traditional yellow gold chains are the most popular but white gold has also become a popular metal of choice to replace sterling silver jewellery, for those who can afford to spend a little extra and enjoy the finer things in life. Rose gold necklaces and most other pieces of jewellery made from rose gold were exceptionally popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s but many people today are choosing rose gold for it’s warm, coppery glow that is deeply associated with antiques.


Important details to consider when purchasing a gold necklace, besides the colour and length are the style and width of the chain.

With male wearers in mind, thinner gold chains can lack masculinity when worn by themselves, so opting for a chain thicker than 5mm is a safer option when purchasing with a man in mind. The exception to this rule is a chain that’s specifically for a pendant, where it will need a thinner chain to fit a pendant and will look far more balanced. Curb and figaro chains make up the vast majority of chains and necklaces worn by men, but there are further variations in each of these designs. Diamond cut curb and figaro chains have the upper and lower faces flat whilst keeping the edges curved the same as plain figaro or curb chains.

A further shift to style  is to bevel the edges of a diamond cut chain into 8 faces that really catch the light and sparkle.

Women’s Gold chains come in a much wider variety of styles, many of which cater directly to women, especially fancy or vintage designs that look great with any outfit. Handmade gold chains are popular because of the variations in size and design, with our ability to custom make all of our gold chains to your exact design, you will have a unique, sparkling gold necklace that’s all your own.

Charm Bracelets – Shop for Gold Charm Bracelets – Chain Me Up


It’s not surprising that so many young women are finding the magic of owning their own charm bracelet. Many have mothers and grandmothers that wear gold charm bracelets and have built them over many years with the charms that represent the great and important moments and achievements that are so important to them.

Before you follow their lead, take time to consider what is truly important when creating a solid gold or sterling silver charm bracelet of your own.


A charm bracelet should be a growing collection of charms that hold a real meaning to you. What many women find is that this is one piece of jewellery they will rarely take off and this means that quality is very important.

Cheap chains won’t stand the test of time, so only buy good quality solid gold or solid sterling silver chains for your charm bracelet. Even with good quality chains, wear can occur, so have a jeweller polish your bracelet every year. At the same time they can check for any potential problems such as a worn clasp or wear between the links where they rub and advise what steps may be needed to ensure the chain is safe to wear. A professional polish will remove any dirt or tarnish and make your bracelet look brand new again.


A great deal of money can be spent over the years your charm bracelet grows with you and it is critical that all of your charms are fitted securely. If you buy charms online or from a market stall they will normally be supplied with open jump rings. When you get home you may think it is ok to just pop open the jump ring, clip them on and forget them. Please don’t do that, if they catch on something, even the sleeve of a jumper that you are taking off, the jump ring may open and the charm could be lost. Take the time to have a jeweller securely solder the jump ring(s) closed before wearing your new charms.

If you would prefer to fit your own charms and can’t silver solder, then ‘link locks’ are just the thing for you. They suit finer charm bracelets and simply click shut around the charm and your bracelet. A locking tab ensures they will never open and are as secure as a jump ring soldered by a jeweller.

If you own a number of charm bracelets, you may wish to move charms from one to another. Normally this can’t easily be done, but if you have miniature parrot clasps fitted to your charms, it’s easy. You can even clip your charms to your mobile phone or necklace.

Another mistake people make is choosing poor quality or gold or silver plated charms. A charm bracelet should last your whole lifetime and many are handed down to children or grandchildren. Anything other than solid gold or solid sterling silver charms simply won’t go the distance and you’ll find the bracelet gets thrown to the back of a drawer and forgotten. Quality costs more initially, but cheap costs more over time. Always buy the best charms and bracelet that you can afford, it’s worth the effort when you can look at the first charm you ever bought many years ago, and it is still beautiful.

Gold Charms – Shop for Best Charms in Australia


Australian-made gold charms not only give you a taste of our beautiful outback but they also look fantastic dangling off your charm bracelet. By choosing Australian made jewellery, you know you’re choosing the very best from down under! Fraser Ross, formerly Chain Me Up Jewellery, is celebrating our native country by offering only the best gold charms at affordable prices.

Sailing Ship Charm (chr-1120)-225.jpg

So why buy gold charms? Historically, charms were used to ward off evil spirits but nowadays they’re used as mementos for people, places, events and special objects dangling elegantly from wrists. The traditional charm bracelets have been passed from grandmothers to mothers and daughters for generations. Charms are the most personal and characteristic way to express yourself through jewellery that no other piece can do as well.

Harley Davidson Charm (chr-1698)-225

At Fraser Ross you’ll be spoiled for choice with our selection of over 4600 charms, yes you read right, we have thousands of charms. You won’t find another selection in Australia that impressive, we’re serious about offering the widest selection of Australian made charms to our clients.

The best thing about our selection of charms is that there is something for everyone! We’ve got animal charms, astrology charms, television characters and so much more! Of course our favourite category is our selection of Australiana charms, what better way to honour the heritage of our business than with a golden kangaroo or a silver Sydney opera house?

Behind every great charm bracelet is a great chain. We’ve laid out a special section of chains that are best suited to charm bracelets. These feature strong, open links that charms can easily attach to. Putting your charm bracelet together just got a lot simpler, but we didn’t stop there. You can find a sizing guide to help you determine what length of chain is right for you. There won’t be any guesswork or worrying about finding the right size – we’ve got you covered.

Check out all our excellent men’s gold necklaces and bracelet chains at Chain Me Up.

Australian Made Silver Jewellery for Sale – Chain Me Up – Fraser Ross

No matter what part of the world you hail from, Australian made silver jewellery is certainly some of the best you’ll find on this planet of ours! That’s why Chain Me Up’s decision to source their products from local companies of manufacturing and distributing fine silver wasn’t a difficult one to make. Offering quality Australian made chains and pieces at affordable prices, you’re sure to find the right one for you. If you’re unsure of how to wear your silver pieces, here are a few tips and tricks to help bring out the best in your jewellery.


Colour Coordination : Silver has a way of popping with bright colours and fresh cool tones. Washes of blues, soft pinks, grey hues and shades of lavender offer a soft and feminine characteristic, while wearing silver with a signature colour such as black brings a bold and classy look that it utterly timeless. Silver can compliment any skin tone and can be paired with many outfits which make it a functional and classic piece for everyday or to spice up your night-time look!

Silver necklaces go incredibly well with neutrals like beiges, nudes, soft browns and greys but also goes incredibly well over the top of bold colours such as tangerine, aqua, bright pinks and purples and pink florals. Silver thrives with spring and summer fashions, and here in Australia we rarely have to worry about dull outfits even in the colder months, so silver is a great choice to wear all year round. Even over warmer shades like yellows, reds and greens, if you pair silver with cooler toned versions of these colours it can look impeccable (think deep forest greens and scarlets).


Wearable Style :  As anyone knows, layering jewellery can make an outfit truly your own. Putting your own spin on your accessories can be stunning and you can do this with many pieces, you can stack your silver rings and scatter them about your fingers for a beautiful bohemian vibe. Or layer up with a few necklaces of varying lengths so that the chains are seen at varying points on your neckline, you can add a pedant to one of these necklaces to really make a statement with your outfit.

Whichever way you choose to style your precious metal chains and pieces, you can rest assured that the stunning quality of our silver will look incredible any way you choose to wear it. Our website makes picking the right pieces for you a total breeze, you can view the full collection of our beautiful pieces at our Chain Me Up online store.

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Gold and Silver Charms in Australia – Chain Me Up – Fraser Ross

The largest (and best!) selection of gold and silver charms in Australia are awaiting discovery at Chain Me Up, but don’t let us spoil it for you, head on over to the website to unearth our wide and wonderful selection of gold and silver charms for yourself! But here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the charms we have inner vast collection

Baby Charms

One of the most delightful occasions in any person’s life is the arrival of a sweet bundle of joy and it’s also a time to celebrate!

Baby in High chair Charm (chr-1562)-335.jpg

We’ve come up with some adorable and meaningful charms designs to mark the arrival of a special little someone for the parents, relatives and friends and for your precious little one as well.

Birth Certificate Charm Although it’s not quite as official as the paper version, it’s a sweet reminder of the day your precious little one entered the world and was gifted with the name you lovingly chose for them.

Stork and Baby Charm If you’re expecting the stork to be dropping by this is a gorgeous trinket keepsake as a reminder of your pregnancy and given as a gift, it’s a cute and meaningful way to announce the pending arrival of a new member of the family.

Teddy Bear Charm Every baby’s room needs a big, fluffy teddy bear! And a charm bracelet shouldn’t be any different, this teddy bear will be an adorable addition to any charm bracelet.

Good Luck Charms

The original purpose of charms was to ward off evil spirits and bad luck, good luck charms date back to over 75,000 years ago! This is a testament to our unwavering belief and faith in good luck charms, after all isn’t that what charms are for?

good luck in horseshoe charm (cha-0213)-750.jpg

Wishbone Charm A traditional good luck trinket, but unlike the real thing you don’t need to go snapping this one between your pinkies for good luck!

Fingers Crossed Charm What do we all do when we’re hoping for all the good luck we can? we Cross our fingers and toes and hope with all our might, this is an extra pair of crossed fingers for you to keep your luck boosted for when you need it most.

Four Leafed Clover Charm – Oh the luck ‘O the Irish! You can spend hours hunting in clover patches for a perfect four leaf clover or head to Ireland to Kiss the Blarney stone, but the simplest way to gain the luck of the Irish is by wearing it!

Birthday Charms

A birthday is always a special occasion! Celebrate these special milestones with gold and silver charms!

number 21 Key Charm (chr-0828)-750.jpg

Sweet 16 Charm – The sweetest of all birthdays, a perfect gift for a sweet sixteen year old or as a reminder of your own wonderful teenage years, this charm is as sweet as the name implies.

21st Key Charm – A 21st birthday is such a monumental day, with this key you’ll unlock the world of adulthood and worldwide you can now celebrate it with a glass of champagne!

40th Charm – Whether you’re celebrating reaching the wonderful “Naughty Forties” or are celebrating an incredible 40 years with a partner, this charm is sure to make a statement on your charm bracelet with elegance and style.

You can find our entire collection of gold and silver charms on our website : Precious Metal Jewellery for  Sale

Solid gold Charm Bracelet | Chain Me Up | Fraser Ross

The day has arrived, you’ve made the decision to buy some gold charms. You’ve been wanting to put together a solid gold charm bracelet for a while but you haven’t quite got around to it yet. In fact you’re still not completely sure what you want, but you’d like to get it started. Maybe you’re gifting this to a special daughter or granddaughter, or perhaps you’re shopping for something special for your own wrist. Here’s a quick tour of all of our gold charms available at Fraser Ross, Australia’s number one precious metal jewellery store.


Special Occasion Charms : Are you thinking about purchasing a gift for a graduate or graduate to be? We offer a huge variety of special occasion style gold charms to choose from, we’ve got birthday, wedding and graduation charms and everything else in between! Make your daughter’s sweet sixteenth memorable by gifting her a piece that will last a lifetime, one she will be able to pass on to her own daughters and granddaughters.

Charms For Fan Favourites : Are you a footy fan? The outdoorsy type? An animal lover or collector or themed things? We’ve got you completely covered at Fraser Ross, with all the gold charms you could ever dream to find in one place! We have a charm for everything, with astrology charms, cartoon characters, musical and animals and more. We even have dirt girl world charms for the green thumbs in your life! Who can compete with that!?


Good Luck Charms : Exam season comes around faster than you expect it to, keep your such high and increase your chances of high distinctions by wearing a good luck charm (or a few!). Try a four leafed clover and see if the luck ‘o the Irish gets you 100% on your paper! You can also find other luck charms like a fingers crossed charm or a lucky gold horseshoe!

Have a look at our full selection of charms. We’ve got over 4,600 of them! Check out all our astrology charms for sale online at Chain Me Up.

Gold Chains – Australian Made Gold Chains – Chain Me Up – Ross Fraser

The quality and exemplary crafting of Australian made gold chains rivals every other country for the top spot in the worldwide market; we’re not just proud Australians, we really know our gold! So why are our chains so wonderful? Keep reading to find out why!


Our chains are solid, real gold! A lot of jewellers will happily harp on about why their chains are the most magnificent pieces you’ll ever lay your eyes on, but unfortunately thats not always the case. Though there are a tonne of brilliant jewellers out there that when they say this it is actually the truth that they speak, there are also a lot of companies who are lying and are actually selling inferior products that are plated or filled with inferior metals. At Fraser Ross we use only the best and highest quality precious metals that we can source and we sell only the best quality pieces.


At Fraser Ross we have beautiful, high quality pieces at affordable prices! Don’t let yourself confuse affordable with cheap though, there’s nothing ‘cheap” about our jewellery except for the price! At Fraser Ross we pride ourselves on only selling the best without breaking the bank!

We understand the rate at which online shopping is becoming popular and how it’s so much easier to shop from home to fit in our busy lives these days! When you buy jewellery from Fraser Ross you can rest assured knowing you can return anything within 7 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked. Or you can swap your purchase for something else!

We hope to see you shopping with us soon for all of your precious metal and jewellery needs. if you’d like to know more about us, just give us a call 8am to 8pm AEDST or try our call back service, it’s free and we’re happy to help!

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